Madjid Khaladj, Tombak, Daf, Cymbalettes

Christian-Pierre La Marca, cello


Originally written for cello solo, the Bach six suites remains something of a mystery. At any rate, they exploit the potential af the cello more fully and more satisfyingly than any work since. And like many mysterious works of art whose genesis remains unexplained, they retain the aura of a miracle.

Madjid Khaladj, master of Iranian Percussions

Madjid Khaladj, master of Iranian Percussions

This special project shows that they are first and foremost « Dance suite ». However, there is no denying that as suites progress, Bach’s music frequently transcends the physical sence of dance.

"D'une rive à l'autre" Film produced by Morgan Production for MEZZO TV Christian-Pierre La Marca (cello) & Madjid Khaladj (iranian percussions) Realisation : François Goetghebeur

This original and unprecedented project is a real confrontation and share between two differents artistic worlds : Orient and Occident. That’s why this fantastic mixture between Iranian percussions and cello, to strengthening the rythmical aspect of the dances, to transcend Bach’s music to something else in order to be always closer to the light.


As part of this project, and in order to transcend Bach’s music to a real share between this two different musical worlds, Madjid Khaladj and Christian-Pierre La Marca are pleased to improvise on Bach’s themes to finally create the fusion between Orient and Occident.



J.S. Bach : Suite V BWV 1011 for cello solo

Improvisation Tombak solo


J.S. Bach : Suite III BWV 1009 for cello solo with percussions improvisations

Free Improvisations on Bach's tunes