Thierry Escaich, organ, composer

Christian-Pierre La Marca, cello


Dialogo … This could be this program title in two voices, to paraphrase Ligeti cello sonata initial movement’s title.  Dialogue between two strong personalities : Thierry Escaich, organist, improviser and composer of international renown and Christian-Pierre La Marca, cello, dazzling soloist and member of Trio Dali. Dialogue also between styles, genres, forms and ages.

Thierry Escaich, organist, composer

Thierry Escaich, organist, composer

The concert wishes to highlight what J.S. Bach left through the centuries to today’s music. The concert’s plot depends on a succession of the most natural tones of the various component works, or of their various moods. And sometimes it’s an organ improvisation as a short transition which will link the most remote atmospheres of some of these pieces. Thus, the concert can be heard in one part without interruption as if it was the various movements of a same work.

While some composers refer to Bach by taking only a chorale theme or letters of Bach (the original improvisation), others start from a piece of the Kantor or adapt Bach’s music to the aesthetics and writing technique of our time. Thus, Mendelssohn gives a new life to the art of the double fugue in a clever counterpoint which reminds Bach.

Finally, in Cantus I for solo cello, it is like a kind of distant and distorded citation of Bach’s world which appears, this time facing most current modes of expression.


Felix Mendelssohn : Prelude & Fugue for organ op. 37 n° 1, in C minor

Johann Sebastian Bach : Suite III in C major, BWV 1009 (I. Prelude)

Intermezzo improvised (organ solo)

György Ligeti : Cello solo sonata (II. Capriccio. Presto con slancio)

Johann Sebastian Bach : Sonata n°1, BWV 1027 (I. Adagio – II. Allegro ma non tanto)

Johann Sebastian Bach : Passacaille & Fugue for organ in C minor, BWV 582

Thierry Escaich : Cantus I for cello solo

Improvisation (organ solo)

Gabriel Fauré : Andante for cello & piano in A major

Comment improvised (organ solo)

György Ligeti : Cello solo sonata (I. Dialogo. Adagio, rubato, cantabile)

Johann Sebastian Bach : Sonata n° 1, BWV 1027 (III. Andante – IV. Allegro Moderato)